TRASH AND TREASURE REVIEW 1 - EGYPT 1 Geography(a Narrow...

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EGYPT 1. Geography (a) Narrow, fertile corridor (b) Vast open space (c) Rocky valleys cut across desert (d) Nile empties itsef into the Med. Sea (e) Natural Resources = salt (f) Black soil = everything grows (g) Metals: gold, silver, copper, turquoise 3500-3400 2. Hierakonpolis – Southern Egypt i) Painting (a) Landscape full of people (b) Divided into sections (c) Human activity portrayed (d) *Man being attacked by 2 animals (he is controlling them) (e) Shows Mixed Perspective ii) Vase (a) Red paint (b) Jiggly lines = water (c) Lots of people rowing (d) Women in mourning (long skirts) (e) People buried on west side of nile (where the sun dies) 3100-2686 – EARLY DYNASTIC/PREDYNASTIC 3000 3. Mastabas i) Flat-topped, 1 story building with slanted walls erected above underground burial chamber ii) Elegant tomb made to house the dead iii) Made with mud and seen as glorious so that the dead can properly be reborn in the afterlife 4. Palette of Narmer i) Slate (1) One Side (a) Men and women wore eyeliner (b) Narmer is on both sides (c) Came from Upper Egypt (d) Smiting Lower Egypt (2) Other Side (a) Narmer wearing crown of lower Egypt (portrayed as large and powerful) (b) Human body’s position is physically impossible 1. Mixed Perspective (c) Beginning of the cautification
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2686-2181 – OLD KINGDOM (a) Pharaohs = god-like, controller of nature 2667-2648 5. Zoser’s complex at Saqqara – intention to be stairway to sun god i) Step Pyramid – created by Ihmhotep and made for King Zoser 2630 6. REHOTEP and NOFRET, from Meydum – almost all art is from tombs which is because it is supposed to show it will be there in the afterlife
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TRASH AND TREASURE REVIEW 1 - EGYPT 1 Geography(a Narrow...

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