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1 BIO 311c Worksheet 9 . K . S a t h a s i v a n Chapters 18 and 19. Bacteria, Viruses and Eukaryotic Gene Expression. ANSWER KEY . A. Multiple Choice Questions 1. The potential targets to develop vaccines or drugs against HIV include which of the following a. reverse transcriptase b. protease c. gycoprotein 120 d. a, b and c are correct e. none of the above are possible. 2. Viruses have some of the properties of living organisms. Which of the following is a characteristic of all organisms, EXCEPT viruses? a. genetic information stored as nucleic acid b. ability to control or program metabolism c. ability to perform metabolic reactions. d. structure includes proteins and nucleic acid e. DNA may code for RNA and protein 3. Sexual mating of bacteria resulting in gene transfer is also known as a. transduction b. transposition c. conjugation d. transformation e. conjunction 4. When lactose alone is present in bacterial medium, the lac operon is a. highly expressed b. moderately expressed c. not active at all d. cAMP lelvels block the expression e. it depends on tryptophan concentration. 5.
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BIO311c-WS9-VirusesBacteriaGeneExpression-Answerkey-BB -...

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