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1 BIO 311c Worksheet 10 K. Sathasivan Chapter 20. Recombinant DNA ANSWER KEY A. Multiple Choice Questions 1. The polymerase chain reaction is important because it allows us to a. insert eukaryotic genes into prokaryotic plasmids b. incorporate genes into viruses c. make DNA from RNA transcripts d . make many copies of a target DNA e. restrict eukaryotic genes 2. Examples of cloning vectors are a. the enzymes that cut DNA into restriction fragments b. a DNA probes used to locate a particular gene in the genome c. plasmids used to replicate DNA in a host cell d. the laboratory apparatus used to clone genes e. the sticky ends of a DNA fragment 3. Information obtained from this experiment can be helpful to find out the tissue specific expression of a specific mRNA. a. Northern analysis b. RFLP analysis c. DNA sequencing d. Southern analysis e. Radiolabeling a probe 4. The following agency is responsible for making the rules to work with recombinant DNA technology in research labs. a. EPA
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BIO311c-WS10-RecombinantDNA-AnswerKey-BB - BIO 311c...

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