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Unformatted text preview: Guided Concept Maps Biochemistry Sections of BIO 311c Complete the following concept maps to organize the chapter and use for studying. The answers will be discussed during the exam review, Q & A time. K. Sathasivan Spring 2006 Metabolism Free energy Laws of thermodynamics 1 Free energy Concepts ΔG = ATP and Energy coupling ATP+H2O ΔG = _______ Kcal/mol Enzymes Factors affecting Enzyme activity 1. Regulation of enzyme activity 1. __________ inhibitor. Increases Km 2 −ΔG Exergonic ______ +ΔH ______ Endothermic______ ______ List examples 2. pH 2. __________ inhibitor. Lowers Vmax Keq = [Products]/[Reactants] at ___________ Practice graphing V over [S] 3. 3. Allosteric regulation. Additional Notes and Key Terms V μg/mg/sec 4. 4 5. Cofactors 5 [S] mM Photosynthesis Light Reactions Cyclic Non-cyclic RuBisCO P.E.A Calvin cycle Regulated by ADP, Pi 1. 2. NADPH 3. 4. Light H2O ATP, NADPH PS I Variations in CO2 fixation Process C3 Place C3 C4 day Inputs C4 none mesophyll Outputs Examples ...
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