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CC 303 – Fall 2008 Prof. Popov-Reynolds Final Exam Essay Topics Please write a 5-page (typed and double-spaced) essay on ONE of the following three topics. Please note that this essay will count for 50% of your final exam grade, but you will not be writing it during the final exam period. The essay is due in my office (WAG 217) no later than 4:00 pm on Dec. 5. Late essays will be penalized 10 points for each 24 hours after Dec. 5. We will not accept essays submitted via email. You may (and should!) use any books and notes from this class for the essay. Be sure to cite/quote appropriate passages as needed in order to support your argument. You may not consult other students/instructors about the essay’s content. Moreover, since this is not a research paper, you are not to consult any additional sources outside of the class material. You are allowed to take your essays to the Writing Center to get feedback on your writing. Do keep in mind that at this point in the semester, you should probably make an appointment in advance. 1.
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Mythology_Paper_Topics - CC 303 Fall 2008 Prof....

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