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Morte Darthur - Morte Darthur(1469-1470 Written by Sir...

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Morte Darthur (1469-1470) Written by Sir Thomas Malory (ca. 1405- 1471) while in prison for various crimes, including breaking and pillaging the Abbey of Coombe, escaping from prison, extortion and rape Malory ended up on the losing (Lancastrian) side in the Wars of the Roses, which contributed to his legal troubles The title is the printer William Caxton’s, who took Malory’s manuscript of eight separate romances and reconfigured them into 21 books with short chapters and chapter headings Malory’s treatment of the Arthur legend emphasizes the aristocratic or “knightly” code of conduct, embodied in the ritual of the tournament, the battlefield, and the bed chamber, where courtly “love” is often associated with adultery The narrative also displays nostalgia for a lost golden age, particularly poignant in the context of England’s dynastic wars (York v. Lancaster) and Hundred Years’ War with France
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And then the Queen was led forth without, and anon she was dispoiled into her smock. And then her ghostly father was brought to her to be shriven of her misdeeds. Then there was weeping and wailing and wringing of hands of many lords and ladies, but there were but few in comparison that would bear any armor for to strengthen the death of the Queen. Then was there on that Sir Lancelot had sent unto that place, which went to espy what time the Queen should go unto her death. And anon as he saw the Queen dispoiled into her smock and shriven, then he gave Sir Lancelot warning. Then was there but spurring and plucking up of horses, and right so they came unto the fire. And who that stood against them, there were they slain--there might none withstand Sir Lancelot. So all that bore arms and
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