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Sheet1 Page 1 +++++++++++ Python News +++++++++++ (editors: check for information about editing NEWS using ReST.) What's New in Python 3.1? Err:510 *Release date: 27-June-2009* Core and Builtins ----------------- - Issue #6334: Fix bug in range length calculation for ranges with large arguments. - Issue #6329: Fixed iteration for memoryview objects (it was being blocked because it wasn't recognized as a sequence). Library ------- - Issue #6314: logging.basicConfig() performs extra checks on the "level" argument. - Issue #6274: Fixed possible file descriptors leak in - Accessing io.StringIO.buffer now raises an AttributeError instead of io.UnsupportedOperation. - Issue #6271: mmap tried to close invalid file handle (-1) when anonymous. (On Unix) - Issue #1202: zipfile module would cause a struct.error when attempting to store files with a CRC32 > 2**31-1. Extension Modules ----------------- - Issue #5590: Remove unused global variable in pyexpat extension. What's New in Python 3.1 Release Candidate 2? Err:510 *Release date: 13-June-2009* Core and Builtins ----------------- - Fixed SystemError triggered by "range([], 1, -1)".
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Page 2 - Issue #5924: On Windows, a large PYTHONPATH environment variable (more than 255 characters) would be completely ignored. - Issue #4547: When debugging a very large function, it was not always possible to update the lineno attribute of the current frame. - Issue #5330: C functions called with keyword arguments were not reported by the various profiling modules (profile, cProfile). Patch by Hagen Fürstenau. Library ------- - Issue #6258: Support AMD64 in bdist_msi. - Issue #6195: fixed doctest to no longer try to read 'source' data from binary files. - Issue #5262: Fixed bug in next rollover time computation in TimedRotatingFileHandler. - Issue #6217: The C implementation of io.TextIOWrapper didn't include the errors property. Additionally, the errors and encoding properties of StringIO are always None now. - Issue #6137: The pickle module now translates module names when loading or dumping pickles with a 2.x-compatible protocol, in order to make data sharing and migration easier. This behaviour can be disabled using the new `fix_imports` optional argument. - Removed the ipaddr module. - Issue #3613: base64.{encode,decode}string are now called base64.{encode,decode}bytes which reflects what type they accept and return. The old names are still there as deprecated aliases. - Issue #5767: Remove sgmlop support from xmlrpc.client. - Issue #6150: Fix test_unicode on wide-unicode builds. - Issue #6149: Fix initialization of WeakValueDictionary objects from non-empty parameters. Windows ------- - Issue #6221: Delete test registry key before running the test. - Issue #6158: Package Sine-1000Hz-300ms.aif in MSI file.
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NEWS - + Python News + (editors: check for...

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