GawainMaldon essay mid - Gawain/ Maldon Midterm Essay...

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Gawain/ Maldon Midterm Essay Outline Introduction: Throughout the history of humanity, the values of warriors and heroes have greatly evolved. Despite their similarities, the mannerisms of Eorl Brithnoth from The Battle of Maldon sharply contrast the virtues of Sir Gawain from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Reputation and nobility are valued by both Brithnoth and Gawain, however their points of view of these virtues are different. Gawain portrays the idea of a chivalric knight, who is courteous, and treats women with respect, while Brithnoth is portrayed as a warrior with little respect for women. Brithnoth and Gawain are both heroes of their time, however the difference in their periods of existence is demonstrated through their actions. First Point: Reputation is one of the most important aspects of fighters during both the Anglo-Saxon and the Middle Age period. Men highly valued where they stood and what they represented in their society. However, knights of the Middle Ages were much more modest and courteous than the warriors of the
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GawainMaldon essay mid - Gawain/ Maldon Midterm Essay...

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