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PERFORMANCE BRIEF Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 Riverbed ® Steelhead ® Appliances Accelerate Autodesk AutoCAD ® 2010 and prior versions AutoCAD provides state-of-the-art software used by leading architecture, engineer- ing, and manufacturing firms across a wide range of industries. Firms use AutoCAD to design drawings and products and convey them visually to clients and collaborat- ing parties. While the application provides an outstanding tool for organizations to standardize on for design purposes, the size of the drawing files often exceed hundreds of megabytes in size on larger projects and can impact employees’ abil- ity to collaborate effectively. For firms with distributed offices or a global presence, sharing and collaborat- ing on large CAD documents can often lead to significant delays in accessing drawings during normal file open and save operations. Many firms estimate that design engineers can spend one-quarter to one full hour a day on remote file opera- tions, dramatically reducing the available working time per person. These delays impact productivity and overall time-to-market for customers, and ultimately, delivery to the client. Steelhead-Enhanced AutoCAD 2010 Deploying Riverbed Steelhead products along with AutoCAD 2010 software can greatly reduce the amount of time required to open, save and transfer CAD docu- ments across the wide area network (WAN). As a result, organizations can achieve LAN-like access speeds of centralized design documents and improve the collabora- tion and productivity of their design specialists. This gives firms the opportunity to source people on projects regardless of their location and enables real-time collabora- tion on designs across distributed teams. The Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS™) utilizes industry-leading data streamlining, transport streamlining, and application streamlining to pro- vide data de-duplication, compression, transport layer and application protocol optimization. These optimizations can cut AutoCAD traffic on the WAN by as much as 99% and accelerate access times by up to 22x. TEST SUMMARY Bandwidth utilization is reduced by » up to 99% AutoCAD 2010 network operations are » 22 times faster TESTING SCENARIO AutoCAD operations were tested using the 2010 DWG format and the AUGI (AutoCAD User Group International) Gauge Benchmark’s “Net” test. This kit is an independently-created test tool that executes the most common opera- tions that the typical AutoCAD user would perform over the WAN, including opens, saves, and file edits. For more information, visit The test environment to obtain the
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PerformanceBrief-Riverbed-AutoCAD - PERFORMANCE BRIEF TeST...

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