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Test 3 Notes - TEST 3 NOTES 753 Foundation of Rome...

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TEST 3 NOTES 753 Foundation of Rome Republican Portraiture = Idealizing a whole set of values o Characteristics = implies people who have lived and are wise – new notion Haggard cheeks Big noses Wrinkles Thin lips Furrowed brow which implies thoughtfulness o Republican Virtues Gravitas - Gratitude Auctoritas - Authority Pietas - Piety Virtus – Virtue o Verism = Truth o Ancestors + you = the importance of life because it shows where you and your family has been and the accomplishments they have achieved 509 Institution of Roman Republic 1. Regal Period 2. Early Republic a. Internal Struggle; External Wars b. 2 Classes i. Patricians ii. Plebeian 3. Middle Republic a. Vast external expansion; Tenuous internal equilibrium 4. Late Republic a. Continued external expansion; Growing internal chaos 100 Sixth Consulate of Marius Ushers in the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic Army Reforms o How army was organized o Tremendously organized o Very lethal o Would catch up to enemy and then defeat them 88-83 Sulla o Ran a dictatorship with the help of his army o He killed anyone he didn’t like or opposed him o He dressed like patrician o Generic body + a portrait head o He was clothed in a simple toga o He idealized himself o Like our senior pictures o PALESTRINA – it was a sanctuary of fortuna primigenia(first born luck) o It was paid for by Sulla Romans acting like kings by paying for it First time it is done in Rome o It is dramatic (Hellenistic influence) o Use of concrete o New architectural forms: Arches Barrel vaulting
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Exedrae (half circle cut out) o Exterior forms do not reflect the interior forms o Everywhere you would go you would expect to see one thing but there would be something totally different o Hellenistic and Greece influence had not been seen until Sulla used it for the Palestrina o Romans drawing notions of machtkunst 63 Consulate of Cicero conspiracy of Catiline Catiline musters insurgents to revolt 60 Formation of First Triumvirate POMPEY, CAESAR, CRASSUS o Each one ruled somewhere different Pompey – made to look like Alexander ruler of the sea Caesar – looks like ancestors ruler of the land Crassus – super rich ruler of the stock market Liked by the people and very powerful Controllers of Rome Things broke down quickly and ended up in civil war 49-45 Civil War Crassus dies first Pompey(was on the water) and Caesar(was on land) battle it out Crossing of the Rubicon in January of 49 (act of war, no Roman General was allowed to enter Italy with an Army) Brilliantly calculated gamble Caesar beat Pompey and then entered Rome with cheering crowds 44 Assassination of Caesar Caesar’s followers assassinated Caesar to restore the Republic because he seemed detrimental to Rome The assassination caused Rome to collapse and then chaos ensued which was then followed by the second triumverate
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Test 3 Notes - TEST 3 NOTES 753 Foundation of Rome...

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