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MAE 170 Introduction to Control Systems A. Sideris Homework # 2 Due: October 16, 2009 before 12pm 1 Do Problems E2.20, P2.34, P2.51, and CP2.6 in the text. In problem P2.51, take the open-loop transfer function to be: P ( s ) = 12000 s 3 + 25 s 2
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Unformatted text preview: + 4100 s + 12500 . Use Matlab to do P2.51(b,c,d) and the FVT to do part (e). In Problem CP2.6, replace transfer function s s 2 +2 with s 2 s 2 +1 . 1 Drop-off Location: 2nd floor of EG in front of elevator 1...
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