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Problem+Set+Chapter+13 - 13.22 The 13kg block is and the...

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Unformatted text preview: 13.22 The 13kg block is. and the 4~lrg btcclr B are both at height h=D.5 m above the ground when the system is released from rest. After it hits the ground without rebound. it is observed that E readies a maiiimum height of 1.13m. Determine {a} the speed of A just before impact. {b} the amount of energy dissipated by sale friction in the pulley. 13.23 Ellccltfi. of mess 3 log and blcclt E of mass1t] ltg are connected by a cord which passes over pulleys as shown. A 3-ltg collar C Is placed on blocl: A and the system Is released from rest. filter the blocks move 1-3m. oollar D is removed and blocks A and 3 continue to move- Determine the speed of block A just before it strikes the ground. 13.42 The sphere at A Is given a downward velocity vi; of magnitude 13 ftis and swings in a vertical plane attheendofarcpecflengthl=3ftattachedtca support at D. Determine the angle phi at which the rope will brealt {it can withstand a maximum tension equal to twice the weight of the sphere]. 13.43 Sphere i: and bloclt A are both moving to the left with a velocity v.) when the btcclr. is suddenly stepped by the wall. Determine the smallest velocity 'tt'n for which the sphere G will swing in. a full circle around the pivot B {a} if BC is a slender rod of negligible mass. {b} it Hi: Is a cord. 13.33 An Ei-cz package is projected upward with a a velocity Va by a spring at A, thent moves around a ': frictionless loop and is deposited at G. For each of 3 the two loops shown. determine [a] the smallest ;: ‘3 velocity ii. for which the patdtage will reach c. {b} 1 the corresponding force exerted by the package on .3 T 5 H the loop just before the pacltage leaves the loop at t ' _'i- 1'. ii. i l-I I. iii' :HI. Here 13.154 A 1.1-lrg ball A is falling vertically with a Hp velocity of magnitude vh = 2.3 n'v's when it is hit as shown by a ELF-ltg ball B which has a velocity of magnitude 1:3 = 3 mile. The coefficient of restitution between the two balls is D15- There is no friction. 1-1 .4- Determine the velocity of each hall after impact. '3 El 13.1?5 A 1.5-“: bled: El ie matting wlth e uelee'rty 1n; of magnitude E We as it hits the LEI-II: ephele A, which is at rest and henglng frern a card attached at D. The eeel'fielenl ef frictien is ”l. = ELIE between the black and the hm‘imntel eufeee and e = ISLE between the bleak and the sphere. Determine after impact. {aJ the maximum height h reached by lhe sphere, th} the distance traveled by the bleak. ...
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Problem+Set+Chapter+13 - 13.22 The 13kg block is and the...

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