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Jeff Gu’s UBER APUSH NOTES $1.00 Unit IV: Chapters 19-23 Test Review Guide 1. Names Politicians Ben Wade o Wade Davis Bill (50% as opposed to Lincoln’s 10% plan) o President Pro Tempore of Senate under Johnson Administration o Republican John Brown o Crazy abolitionist. o Lead the attack on Pottawatomie Creek, in May 1856, where they hacked to pieces 5 proslaveryites. o Had a huge role in bleeding Kansas, where he fought for the abolitionist cause. o Harpers Ferry His crackbrained scheme to invade South call upon the slaves to rise, furnish them with arms and est. a kind of black Free State as a sanctuary. Harpers Ferry (Western Virginia) October 1859 Brown and ~20 men sized the federal arsenal, and killed 7 innocent ppl. Slaves failed to rise, and Brown and his band were captured by US marines under Robert E. Lee. Brown then was convicted of murder, and hung. o This caused many abolitionists to be angry, and made him a martyr. John C. Calhoun o The Great Nullifier o Had planned (unworkable) to have 2 presidents, one for N, one for S, each with a veto. o Supported comp of 1850 o Died in 1850 b4 the debate was over, and said “ The South! The South! God knows what will become of her !” James Crittenden o Proposed Crittenden Compromise Re est. 36 30 New States (NOT TERRITORIES) admitted into union based on pop sovereignty John Slidell o Minister to Mexico under Pope. DON’T NEED TO KNOW HIM Salmon Chase o Sec. of Treasury under Lincoln, who was a lead Copperhead, and criticized Lincoln’s policies. o Became Chief Justice after Taney, and was later deemed too biased to be on the Supreme Court. Matthew Brady o Photographer of the Civil War Stephen Douglas o “Little Giant” from Illinois o Lincoln v Douglas Debates Freeport Doctrine o Supporter of Comp of 1850 California = Free state Texas paid $10 Million Outlawing of slave trade in DC. New Mexico and Utah open to slavery based on pop sov But expected to not support slavery due to barren lands and nature o Proposed the Kansas Nebraska Act The south liked this b/c it allowed the Kansas Nebraska territory’s slave status to be determined by pop sov. Also, the south presumed that Kansas would become a slave state. The South also liked it b/c it negated the Missouri Comp of 1820, which forbade slavery in this territory which was above the 36 30 line.
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Wrecked both the compromise of 1820 and 1850. Frederick Douglass o Born a slave in Maryland, he escaped to the North. o Most prominent of black abolitionists. o Pretty much the opposite of Garrison in manner. William Lloyd Garrison o Ardent abolitionist, also an Agitator, some feel he may have some part in causing the civ war o Published the Liberator, his newspaper o Helped form the American Anti Slavery Society in 1833 William Seward o Ardent expansionist. o
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Unit IV Notes - Jeff Gus UBER APUSH NOTES Unit IV: Chapters...

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