Stuff Platt Said - McCarthyism Witch Hunt against commies...

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Unformatted text preview: McCarthyism Witch Hunt against commies Accused even Eisenhower of being a commie Discredited, cuz he took it too far His colleagues criricized him and called his conduct Unbecoming of a US Senator McCathyism not successful for McCarthy While there were commies in the country it wasnt significant enough to devote that much awfulness to it Fair Deal, New Frontier, The Great Society All similar in helping people, education, helping elderly Fair deal, new fronteir dont work out b/c of Vietnam Both require civil rights action Truman and Kennedy, both Democrats, both had civil rights planks Truman desegregated the military, causing split in 1948, dixicrats run own candidate strom thurmond They dont have congress cooperation Medicare, medicaid Great Society is unable to fund the programs in the end b/c of Vietnam Civil rights act 1964 ALl 3 were dem prez. 1 st 2 dont get coop from congress LBJ is different b/c he invokes the spirit of JFK, but also Southern Democrat Was a senator, knew how to work the Congress, was a senior senator, knew the ppl in the senate, from the south, knew how to talk to southern democrats, started in the house Tax Cuts Supply Side Economics Reagan did it So did Bush- Read my nose! JFK, LBJ continues JFKs African American Civil Righs Organizations SNCC-Student Nonviolent Coodinating Committee Congress of Racial Authority Southern Christian Leadership Conference NAACP...
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Stuff Platt Said - McCarthyism Witch Hunt against commies...

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