APUSH Final Stuff - o “Which supreme court case...

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IMPORTANT STUFF TO KNOW FOR APUSH FINAL* You don’t need to know: o Tax Acts o British and colonies acts sugar, quartering, etc. Familiarize yourself with: o Barn Burners o Puritans o Hamilton’s financial system o Constitutional Conventions o Constitutional Congress o #16 on form B is C Actual questions: o "What inventions became widespread in the office in the early 19th century?" Fountain pen and typewriter o Know EXACTLY what the emancipation proc does o There's some quotes o Know who built the railroads James Hill, not Vanderbilt o Issue of 1832 election (not tariff btw) The bank o "Which of the following preceded the Mexican War" Annexation of Texas NOT election of Polk o Tyler annexed Texas right before he left office Polk takes office after the annexation, but he was ELECTED b4
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Unformatted text preview: o “Which supreme court case established the right of state contract?” o A) Gibbens v. Ogden o B) Dartmouth v. Woodworth o C) Fletcher v. Peck o D) Mccolluch v. Maryland Dartmouth o "What did the elections of 1800 and 1824 have in common?" o A) minority president o B) chosen by House o C) winner did not have plurality of popular vote o D) both republicans chosen by House in 1800 there was a tie broken by House corrupt bargain in 1824 o Know the difference between the labor unions AFL, Knights, National Labor League just remember that AFL is SKILLED workers o Know the immigrants that came over before the civil war. Germans and Irish * This information is only reliable if you have Form B-+...
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APUSH Final Stuff - o “Which supreme court case...

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