APUSH Notes Ch. 26 (People)(2)

APUSH Notes Ch. 26 (People)(2) - Kuangyi Chen Jeff Gu $1.00...

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$1.00 APUSH Notes – Important People Chapter 26 – America Moves to the City (1865-1900) The following is a list of the different people that are mentioned in this chapter. Use this list as a guide when you are reviewing the names. You can go down the list and try to see if you know them all. There is a detailed description of each person on the pages following the list. The list is broken into several different categories. Hopefully, this will help you study more effectively. Social Reformers / Urban Revivalists 1. Walter Rauschenbusch 2. Washington Gladden 3. Jane Addams 4. Lillian Wald 5. Florence Kelly 6. Frances E. Williard 7. Carrie A. Nation 8. Clara Barton 9. Dwight Lyman Moody 10. Cardinal Gibbons 11. Mary Baker Eddy Writers 1. William James 2. Henry James 3. Harlan F. Halsey 4. General Lewis Wallace 5. Horatio Alger 6. Walt Whitman 7. Emily Dickinson 8. Sidney Lanier 9. Kate Chopin 10. Mark Twain 11. Bret Harte 12. William Dean Howells 13. Stephen Crane 14. Jack London 15. Frank Norris 16. Paul Laurence Dunbar 17. Charles W. Chesnutt 18. Theodore Dreiser Journalists 1. Joseph Pulitzer 2. William Randolph Hearst 3. Edwin L. Godkin 4. Henry George 5. Edward Bellamy Black Activists 1. Booker T. Washington 2. W. E. B. Du Bois Feminists / Suffragists 1. Charlotte Perkins Gilman 2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton 3. Susan B. Anthony 4. Carrie Chapman Catt 5. Ida B. Wells Artists 1. James Whistler 2. John Singer Sargent 3. Mary Cassatt 4. George Inness 5. Thomas Eakins 6. Winslow Homer 7. Augustus Saint-Gaudens Architects 1. Louis Sullivan 2. Henry H. Richardson Miscellaneous 1. Charles Darwin 2. Dr. Charles W. Eliot 3. Victoria Woodhull 4. Tennessee Claflin 5. Anthony Comstock 6. Phineas T. Barnum 7. James A. Bailey 8. William F. Cody 9. Yaleman Walter C. Camp 10. “Gentleman Jim” Corbett 11. John L. Sullivan 12. James Naismith Copyright © 2005-2006 by CG Enterprises. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced and/or transmitted in any form or by any means or by any information storage or retrieval system without prior written permission and/or a dollar for each copy. 1
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$1.00 Social Reformers / Urban Revivalists Walter Rauschenbusch 1. Protestant clergyman 2. 1886 – Became pastor of a German Baptist church in New York City 3. Preached the “social gospel” 1 Washington Gladden 1. Protestant clergyman 2. 1882 – Took over a Congregational church 3. Preached the “social gospel” Jane Addams (1860-1935) 1. One of the 1 st generation of college-educated women 2. 1889 – Established the Hull House in Chicago 2 3. Condemned war and poverty 4. 1931 – Won the Nobel Peace Prize 5. Inspired people to take up the new career in social work Lillian Wald 1. Followed Jane Addams’ actions 2. 1893 – Opened Henry Street Settlement in New York Florence Kelly 1. Lifelong fighter for the welfare of women, children, blacks, and consumers 2. Served for 30 years as the general secretary of the National Consumers League
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APUSH Notes Ch. 26 (People)(2) - Kuangyi Chen Jeff Gu $1.00...

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