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Unit VII: The Shadow of War ~1933-1941~ A Meridian APUSH Study Guide by John Ho and Tim Qi with help from Willy Zhang, Jason Liu, and Lillian Zhang A. Latin America and the Philippines x 1928-1932 Hoover’s Administration: h Hoover wanted international cooperation h He went on a “Goodwill Tour” of Latin America in 1928 (in a warship) h Americans were bitter against Latin America and the large amounts of money that we spent there because they thought that all the money was useless and wasted h Americans wanted to move away from economic imperialism and intervention (no more intervention that was justified by Theodore Roosevelt in the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine) h America had less money to invest abroad so America maintained a less aggressive policy in Latin America h 1932- New treaty with Haiti à complete withdrawal of American platoons by 1934 h 1933- Last marines left Nicaragua h Herbert Hoover laid the foundation of the “Good Neighbor” policy but Franklin Roosevelt, Hoover’s successor as president received all the credit for the “Good Neighbor” policy x 1933 Pan-American Conference: Also referred to as the “Montevideo Conference of American Nations”. U.S. once again reminded all American countries that they have the right to intervene in all ways. x 1934 Tyding-McDuffie Act: U.S. would finally give Philippines their independence after another 12 years of economic and political control, in 1946. x 1936 Inter-American Conference: Latin Americans acknowledged FDR’s “Good Neighbor” Policy and praised FDR as a traveling salesman for peace. x 1940 Havana Conference: U.S. directly warned Germany that they could not take over any colonies within the vicinity of the Americas. B. Japan x 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria, China: U.S. did nothing to stop this invasion even when it violated the Open Door Notes. x 1932 Stimson Doctrine: Secretary of State, Henry Stimson, issued this doctrine proclaiming that U.S. will not step into the conflicted even when it violated the Open Door Notes and the League of Nations Covenant. A lot of Chinese cities were bombed due to U.S.’s nonintervention. x
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[Meridian]_Unit_7_The_Shadow_of_War - Unit VII: The Shadow...

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