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Six Major Causes of the Civil War A Meridian APUSH Study Guide by John Ho and Tim Qi 1. Aggression of the Slave Power x Slave power top 1% of Southern population, represented the entire region. x Believed that the North was interfering with their way of life x Demanded 4 resolutions from the North: 1. Equal rights 2. Enforcement of fugitive slave law 3. Restore government balance 4. Restore equal liberty x Vehemently opposed northern abolitionists, stirred the entire South into secession to satisfy their own minority interests. x South’s true desire was to dominate the ENTIRE US with slavery. x South used popular sovereignty as a pretext for slavery. 1. Kansas-Nebraska Act 2. Dred Scott Decision (repelled Missouri Compromise) South Claimed that the only way to preserve the union was to listen to them. 1. Restore things to what they once was, balance between north and south. 2. California is on the verge of destroying this balance the south will be completely submitted to the control of the north 2. Issue of Nationalism vs. State Sovereignty x Constitution is a compact between the states and the people, if one side should not
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[Meridian]_Six_Major_Causes_Of_The_Civil_War - Six Major...

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