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Jacksonian Reforms Goal 1 Primary and Secondary Education o Free public education (Start to see difference in the way teachers are trained) o Universal manhood suffrage (used to be white man with property) o Increase # of school houses o Longer school terms o Better trained teachers o Increased expanded curriculum Accomplishments in Primary and Secondary Education o Tax supported free public education (lagged in the south) By 1860 only about 100 public secondary schools o Noah Webster improved textbooks (Webster’s dictionary) o McGuffley’s grade school reader People in Primary and Secondary Education reform o Thomas Jefferson o Horace Mann o Noah Wedster o William McGuffley o (Took a humanist look into education as a shift from Theology (Religion)) Goal 2 Higher Education o Advanced Curriculum o Increase in learning o Place for women o Adults thirst for knowledge Accomplishments in terms of Higher Education o 2nd Great Awakening led to plangent of small denominational liberal arts colleges in South and West o 1 st state schools supported in Sought in lat 18 th century o Establishment of women’s colleges beginning in 1820s (focused mostly on teaching) o Private subscription libraries: house to house peddlers o Traveling lyceum lecture associations People in Higher Education reform o Thomas Jefferson o Emma Willard Goal 3 Women’s Rights (Long process) o Freedom o Self determination o Suffrage o Temperance
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o Abolition (a lot of women tried to get involved in abolition movement but were rejected by males, so they went off for their own rights) Accomplishment of Women’s Rights o Rape punishable by death o Seneca Falls New York Women’s Rights Convention =declaration of Sentiments People o Catherine Beecher o Lucretia Mott o Elizabeth Cady Stanton o Susan B Anthony o Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell Goal 4 Temperance o Get men to stop drinking o To publicize the evils of drinking, economic, social, family, spiritual, physical safety o To get drinkers to sign the temperance pledge (Started the Cold Water Army, Children’s Army to make drinkers feel guilty) Accomplishments: Temperance o American temperance Society (1826) o Organized Children’s club (Cold water Army) Maine Law (1851) prohibition, 12 states follow by 1857 o By 1860 drinking goes down especially by women o (Bolstead…spelling >_>) Act passed (repealed in 1833) People o Neel S. Dow Goal 5 Extension of Democracy o Universal Manhood suffrage o Common folk in govt. Office jobs o Control of judicial branch (state level) o Control of executive branch (state level) o Control of political party nominations o Give state power over sanctity of business contracts as ruled by Marshall Court Accomplishments Extension of Democracy o White men without property could vote o Spoils system o Minor offices open in govt. open to election o IN some states, popularly elected judges o People directly elect governors (instead of by legislatures) o Nominating conventions vs. caucuses
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[Meridian]_Reform_Movements - Jacksonian Reforms Goal 1...

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