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U.S. Foreign Policy: An Overview Part 2 William McKinley –R (1897-1901) Results of Spanish – American War: US a world power with an “empire” European rivals envious – especially Germany Latin American countries suspicious of US 1899 – Hawaiian Islands Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines 1899-1901 – Philippine Insurrection (led by Aguinaldo) 1899 – First Open-Door Note in China Designed to “counter” spheres of influence Sought to influence European imperial powers to allow open trade for all in China Sought to increase Chinese territorial rights 1990: Boxer Rebellion in China US sends troops in a multi-national mission Second Open-Door Note issued Us to be the “overseer” of the open door in china Sought to uphold Chinese territorial rights Theodore Roosevelt – R (1901-1908) Know for the “Big Stick Diplomacy” Beginning of the “bad neighbor policy” in Latin America 1901: McKinley assassinated – TR takes over Hay-Paucefote Treaty (GB/US) Nullifies old Clayton-Bulwer Treaty Clears way for building of Panama Canal 1902-04 – the Colombia/Panama Canal event: Good example of Big Stick Diplomacy (go back to review) 1904 – Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine Policy of preventative intervention – go back and review 1905 application of policy in Dominican Rep: Takeover of customs houses to manage tariff collection to pay off their European/US debts 1905-06 – TR wins Nobel Peace Prize Mediates a peace between Japanese-Russians and between North African countries 1906-07 – The Gentlemen’s Agreement (Japan/US) – go back and review 1906-09 – US Marines in Cuba: Restore order in uprising
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