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Unformatted text preview: U.S. Foreign Policy: An Overview Part 2 William McKinley –R (1897-1901) ¡ Results of Spanish – American War: ¢ US a world power with an “empire” ¢ European rivals envious – especially Germany ¢ Latin American countries suspicious of US ¢ 1899 – Hawaiian Islands ¢ Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines ¡ 1899-1901 – Philippine Insurrection (led by Aguinaldo) ¡ 1899 – First Open-Door Note in China ¢ Designed to “counter” spheres of influence ¢ Sought to influence European imperial powers to allow open trade for all in China ¢ Sought to increase Chinese territorial rights ¡ 1990: ¢ Boxer Rebellion in China ¡ US sends troops in a multi-national mission ¢ Second Open-Door Note issued ¡ Us to be the “overseer” of the open door in china ¡ Sought to uphold Chinese territorial rights Theodore Roosevelt – R (1901-1908) ¡ Know for the “Big Stick Diplomacy” ¢ Beginning of the “bad neighbor policy” in Latin America ¡ 1901: ¢ McKinley assassinated – TR takes over ¢ Hay-Paucefote Treaty (GB/US) ¡ Nullifies old Clayton-Bulwer Treaty ¡ Clears way for building of Panama Canal ¡ 1902-04 – the Colombia/Panama Canal event: ¢ Good example of Big Stick Diplomacy (go back to review) ¡ 1904 – Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine ¢ Policy of preventative intervention – go back and review ¢ 1905 application of policy in Dominican Rep: ¡ Takeover of customs houses to manage tariff collection to pay off their European/US debts ¡ 1905-06 – TR wins Nobel Peace Prize ¢ Mediates a peace between Japanese-Russians and between North African countries ¡ 1906-07 – The Gentlemen’s Agreement (Japan/US) – go back and review ¡ 1906-09 – US Marines in Cuba: ¢ Restore order in uprising ¡ Under Platt Amendment and at request of Cuban gov’t. ¢ 1907 – The Great White Fleet ¡ Diplomatic frolic around the world ¡ Paid off big-time in Latin American, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan ¢ 1908 – Root-Takahira Agreement (Japan/US) ¡ Each pledges respect to other’s Pacific territory ¡ Each pledges to uphold Open Door Policy in China William H. Taft – R (1908-1912) ¢ Know for “Dollar Diplomacy” ¡ State Dept. encouraged US bankers to invest $ into foreign areas of strategic concerns ¡ Especially the Far East and Latin America (areas critical to the security of the Panama canal) ¢ 1909 – Manchurian Rail Proposal: ¡ US proposed to buy these railroad lines from Japan and RUSSIA – intention to sell back to China ¡ Rejected by Japan and Russia The Revolution Riddled Caribbean and Latin America ¢ Throughout first ¼ century, US troops sent in and out ¢ All under Monroe Doctrine ¢ Came to be known as the Yankee Lake ¢ Examples of Troop deployment ¡ Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua Woodrow Wilson – D (1912-1920) ¢ Known for Moral or Missionary Diplomacy ¡ Hated aspects of Big Stick and $ Diplomacy ¡ Felt US had a moral obligation to promote Democracy in its foreign policy...
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[Meridian]_US_Foreign_Policy_Review_Part_II - U.S Foreign...

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