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US Foreign Policy Part 1 Easy Study Non-PP Format U.S. Foreign Policy: An Overview Part I Quick Breakdown: ± I. The Doctrine of Two Hemispheres (Isolationism) 1776-1880s ± II. The “New Manifest Destiny” 1880s-1914 ± III. WWI 1914-1919 ± IV. The “New Isolationism” 1920s-1930s ± V. WWII 1941-1945 ± VI. The Cold War Era 1945-1990 ± VII. Post Cold War Era 1990 to current The Doctrine of Two Hemispheres (Isolationism) 1776-1880 3 Periods A. Revolutionary War Period (1776-1783) B. Confederation Period (1777-1788)* C. The New Ship of State Period (1788 and on…) *Note the overlap in time from previous The Revolutionary War Period 1776-1783 ± The Continental Congress is governing body -1776 – Declaration of Independence -The French connection=secretly aids the “cause” -1778 – The Franco-American Alliance=1st entangling military and economic alliance -1783 – Treaty of Paris B. The Confederation Period 1777-1788 ± Advice=go back and review “mercantilism,” the Navigation Acts and the new government under the Articles of Confederation ± Great Britain -Refused to make any commercial treaties or repeal Navigation Laws -Shut off West Indies trade from US -Kept trading posts open on Northern border -Troops still in old areas -Conspired with Indians in the North West ± Spain: -Controlled mouth of Mississippi -1784 closed to American use
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-Controlled large areas above Gulf of Mexico claimed by the US (now portions of present day Louisiana, Alabama)— known as “disputed territory” or Natchez territory ± France: -Demanded repayment of war loans -Restricted trade in West Indies ± Pirates: -Ravaging US Mediterranean commerce -Enslaving US merchant sailors C. The New Ship of State Period 1788 and On… ± Advice=go back and review the new powers of the national government under the Constitution, the formation of the president’s cabinet, the role of the President and the Secretary of State in conducting foreign relations ± 100 years of Presidents — George Washington (1789) through Grover Cleveland #1 (1888)>>> *Remember: -Jeffersonians=Pro France; to become Democratic-Republicans -Hamiltonians=Pro GB; the Federalists George Washington 1789-1796 ± French: -French Revolution=US obligated under Franco-American Alliance ± 1793 Neutrality Proclamation=1st formal declaration of citizens from Old World ± Citizen Genet (blah, blah ) ± GB: -1794 Jay’s Treaty to address: ± Northern outposts, impressments, ship seizures, and ignoring our “neutral rights” ± Spain: -1795 Pinckney's Treaty
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[Meridian]_Foreign_Policy_Part_I_Easy_Study - US Foreign...

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