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Unformatted text preview: APUSH UNIT 3 STUDY GUIDE Names 1. James Polk a. Dark Horse Candidate in the Election of 1844 who ran against Henry Clay i. He favored expansionism and ii. He won the Election b/c slavery 1. Ironically, the Liberty Party, who was against Polk, took away votes from Clay , and thus handed the election to Polk Clay tried to appease both side b. Had 4-point Plan i. 1. He thought that the Whig-Backed Tariff of 1842 was Lowered the Tariff a. too high ii. Passed Walker Tariff 1. Reestablished the Independent Treasury System Established a Treasury System iii. Acquisition of Oregon County 1. Britain did not want to give up what they thought was the Saint Lawrence of the West 2. The US and GB soon got into a populating war, trying to get the most settlers there to claim the area a. US won 3. Soon before heightened tensions, the Oregon Compromise solved the issue on the 49 Parallel iv. Acquisition of California and New Mexico 1. Polk, who was angered by the lack of response from the Mexicanos when he asked for a sale, sent from Mexico General Zachary Talyor into Disputed Territory 2. to provoke a war Treaty of Guadualupe Hidalgo and the a. These treaties ended the war and added California and the whole Southwest to the US. Gasden Purchase 2. John Q Adams a. President from 1825-1829 i. Won the election through corrupt bargain 1. Clay, as the speaker of the house, promised to get him elected b/c there was with Clay a. Later, Clay got no electoral majority winner in the Election of 1824 Secretary of the State b. Presidency was really , leading opponents to believe it was a corrupt bargain i. Advocated the American System ( See Henry Clay) useless c. Mastermind Secretary of State i. Monroe Doctrine ii. (See James Monroe) 3. James Monroe Florida Purchase a. President from 1817 1825 i. 1. No more European powers in America Monroe Doctrine 2. Showed American desire of isolationism 3. Americans played the British interest in Americas to their advantage when they declared Americas for only America, cause they knew that the British would get their backs 4. British approached them with an alliance deal but instead they released the Monroe doctrine ii. Era of Good Feeling 1. Monroes time was known as the era of good feelings 4. J.C. Calhoun a. From the South i. Wrote 1. Against the 1828 Tariff of Abominations South Carolina Exposition b. Leader of the Whig Party from the South i. Sectionalist 5. Stephen Douglas a. Designed Compromise of 1850 b. Democratic Party nominee for President in 1860 but lost to Republican Abraham Lincoln 6. Theodore Weld a. Preached against slavery i. Wrote American Slavery as it is 7. Nat Turner a. Led a rebellion of about 60 slaves from Virginia in 1831 b. Caused southerners to become scared of black slaves c. Caused a turning point in the south because Virginia State Legislature voted down legislation that proposed emancipation after hearing about the rebellion i. Southern Anti-slavery societies silenced...
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