Politics and WalMart

Politics and WalMart - Politics and Wal-Mart Barbara...

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Politics and Wal-Mart Barbara Ehrenreich, social activist and feminist, as well as a former employee of Wal-Mart (62), distinctly expresses her lack of support of Wal-Mart’s success story in “Wal-Martian Invasion.” Through her sci-fi rhetoric and un-cited statistics, she compares the recent growth of Wal-Mart to an alien invasion that has taken over Earth. Ehrenreich discusses the actual size of Wal-Mart, both physically and fiscally, as well as Wal-Mart’s oversights and shortcomings in business management. In contrast, Jay Nordlinger, the managing editor of the National Review (a conservative publishing), chooses to support the growth of Wal-Mart in his discussion “The New Colossus.” Nordlinger also gives political examples of hypocritical critics of Wal-Mart. He continues his discussion with examples of arguments opposing Wal-Mart, acknowledging their position before dismissing it with his own points. The articles “Wal-Martian Invasion,” by Barbara Ehrenreich, and “The New Colossus,” by Jay Nordlinger both discuss the recent incredible growth of Wal-Mart, though from varying political and social backgrounds. A common theme to both is the intense political bias resulting from the time period in which they were written-the year 2004, during the last of the presidential campaigns. The date both articles were written had a great impact on their content and position as the upcoming presidential campaign clearly divided the authors’ positions based on party platform. In a different setting, the arguments made in both articles could be made stronger if they were not aiming for political motives. While they maintain plausible points, the authors lose credibility for
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Politics and WalMart - Politics and Wal-Mart Barbara...

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