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APUSH Unit 1 Study Guide

APUSH Unit 1 Study Guide - APUSHUnit1(Ch.17)StudyGuide...

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APUSH Unit 1 ( Ch. 1-7 ) Study Guide Names: John Dickinson = Whig; lawyer John Adams = ; lawyer ( pg. 89,95,130 ) William Bradford = leader of the Pilgrims; chosen governor of Plymouth 33 times ( pg. 44 ) Miles Standish = non-Separatist captain of the Mayflower ; very valuable Indian fighter and negotiator for the Plymouth colony ( pg. 43 ) John Peter Zenger = a newspaper printer ( pg. 99 ) 1. Assailed the New York royal governor 2. Went to court 3. Was convicted of printing, irrespective of the truth 4. Protected due to “the very liberty of both exposing and opposing arbitrary power” 5. Eventually won the case o Paved the way for freedom of press and the health of democracy George Washington = first President of the United States; led many troops in wars; fought Indians in Ohio Valley and sparked the French and Indian War ( pg. 89,101,134,136,137 ) John Smith = captain who saved Jamestown from dying out with his motto of “He who shall not work shall not eat.”; was kidnapped by Powhatan but saved by Pocahontas ( pg. 29 ) John Winthrop = Massachusetts Bay Colony’s first governor; felt that the “commons” were not to be trusted and democracy was the “meanest and worst of all forms of government; very Puritanistic and enforced and followed Puritan beliefs, work ethics, and guidelines ( pg. 45,46,47 ) King Phillip = son of Metacom; in 1675, forged an alliance with the English and mounted a series of coordinated attacks on villages in New England; colonists countered and killed him and sold his wife and son into slavery ( pg. 51 ) Jonathan Edwards = from MA; most theological pastor ever in America; believed in salvation through good works and affirmed the need for complete dependence on God’s grace; most famous sermon was “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” ; counterpart to George Whitefield ( pg. 94-95 ) Patrick Henry = Whig ( on-fire ); served in the House Of Burgesses; from VA; speaker/lawyer ( pg. 89,134 ) Roger Williams = extreme Separatist; wanted a clean break with Church Of England and challenged the legality of the Bay Colony’s charter and denied the authority of civil government to regulate religious behavior ( pg. 47,50 ) o Williams was banished out of MA and established Providence, RI and set up the first Baptist Church and allowed for complete freedom of religion John Rolfe = “father” of tobacco; married Pocahontas to seal the peace agreement, symbolizing the end of the Anglo-Powhatan War ( pg. 30,31 )
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Nathaniel Bacon = led a group of Virginian’s against VA’s Governor William Berkeley and his friendly policies towards the Indians; when Berkeley vetoed an idea to launch a series of attacks on the Indians, Bacon led about 1,000 people and killed the Indians, chased Berkeley out of Jamestown, and put the torch to the capital in 176 ( pg. 66 ) George Whitefield = a preacher of the Great Awakening; he used a loud booming voice to get the people’s attention(s); spread his message of human helplessness and divine omnipotence ( pg. 94,95 ) o Caused many sinners to profess conversion o
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APUSH Unit 1 Study Guide - APUSHUnit1(Ch.17)StudyGuide...

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