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APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide

APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide - BaileyCh.1218:pgs.240251&256398...

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APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide Degler Ch. 4-5 Names: Stephen Austin = ( Bailey pg. 282, 283 ) = was granted a huge tract of land from Mexico City with the understanding that he would bring 300 American families into Texas; negotiated with the Mexico City government for the right to keep slaves in Texas in 1833 and was put in jail for 8 months by Santa Anna Theodore Weld = ( Bailey pg. 372 ) = an abolitionist reborn after the Second Great Awakening; preached against slavery; wrote a propaganda pamphlet called American Slavery As It Is ( 1839 ) to tell of the evils of slavery John Tyler = ( Bailey pg. 290, 380, 381, 382, 386 ) = selected as vice presidential running candidate for the Whigs in the election of 1840; the Whig presidential candidate in the election of 1844; called a Democrat in Whig’s clothing since he used to be a Democrat but became a Whig; won the election of 1844; lost his Whig party after vetoing Whig ideas of a centralized bank; ruled without a party or a cabinet ( except for Secretary of State Daniel Webster, who could not leave because he was in the middle of peace allegations with Great Britain ) Ralph Waldo Emerson = ( Bailey pg. 330,349 ) = embraced the Unitarian Movement; was the most renowned Transcendentalist writer; gave the speech titled “The American Scholar” to the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity at Harvard College in 1837 Alexis De Tocqueville = a French man who came to the U.S. and traveled around, observing the country; wrote a book on his observations William Cullen Bryant = ( Bailey pg. 348 )  = a poet; 3 rd member of the Knickerbockers in New York; wrote Thanatopsis in 1817; eventually, made a living writing for the New York Evening Post Henry Clay = ( Bailey pg. 259, 260, 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 281, 380, 381, 382,  385, 387, 388) = from Kentucky; ran for President in the election of 1824; was Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time; gave the election to John Quincy Adams, by influencing the House to vote for him; was the Secretary of State to President John Quincy Adams; passed a compromise bill to reduce the Tariff of 1832 by 10% over 8
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years to reduce “nullie” revolts in South Carolina; went against Jackson and looked to set up a monopolized central bank; ran against Jackson in the election of 1832 and lost; ran for President in election of 1844 for the Democrats and lost Elizabeth Cady Stanton = ( Bailey pg. 339, 340 ) = a women’s rights advocate; wrote the Declaration of Man and Woman* in 1848 at Seneca Falls, New York; o *stated that “all men and women are created equal” Thomas Hart Bentson = U.S. Senator ( Missouri ); writer of Manifest Destiny John C. Calhoun = ( Bailey pg. 263, 264, 287 ) = wrote The South Carolina Exposition , which denounced the Tariff of 1828 to be unjust and unconstitutional; Martin Van Buren = ( Bailey pg. 269, 287, 288, 289, 290, 291 )
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APUSH Unit 3 Study Guide - BaileyCh.1218:pgs.240251&256398...

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