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Aditya Makaram Period 4 12/15/08 APUSH UNIT 4 STUDY GUIDE Bailey 19-23: Sectional Conflict, Civil War, and Reconstruction I. Names a. Andrew Johnson i. Took over after Lincoln was assassinated ii. From Tennessee, white poor, bigot iii. Refused to secede with his own state during the Civil War iv. A democrat b. Stephen Douglas i. ii. iii. c. William T. Sherman (Tecumseh) i. Captured city of Atlanta in 1864 and burned it down ii. They tore up everything in the way including RR iii. Pioneer of total war iv. He then went to Savannah and then SC which was known as the hell-hole of secession d. John Crittenden i. Kentucky senator who was looking for compromise ii. Proposed Crittenden Compromise e. William Seward i. ii. iii. f. William Lloyd Garrison i. “We execrate it, we spit upon it, we trample it under our feet” he said this against the Fugitive Slave Law g. John Slidell i. Sent by Polk to Mexico City because Polk wanted to get California ii. He feared that Britain would take California so he gave Slidell 25m to negotiate with iii. The Mexican people did not even negotiate with him because the felt it was insulting h. Jefferson Davis i. ii. iii. i. Mathew Brady i. ii. iii. j. George McClellan i. Was given command of the army of the Potomac ii. Called “Young Napoleon” or “Little Mac” Page 1 of 7
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Aditya Makaram Period 4 12/15/08 iii. He was overcautious and slow in his decisions so Lincoln didn’t like him iv. Lead the Peninsula Campaign (Went from Washington to Richmond) k. Dred Scott i. Dred Scott, a slave, had lived on free soil for 5 years so he sued for his freedom on the basis of long residence on free soil ii. Supreme Court ruled that Dred Scott was not a citizen so he couldn’t sue. (Judge Taney) iii. Basically Congress had no power to ban slavery in any territory iv. Republicans were infuriated by the court decision l. Salmon Chase i. Secretary of treasury to Lincoln ii. Criticized Lincoln iii. And helped set up a Congressional Committee on the Conduct of War m. Ben Wade i. ii. iii. n. Abraham Lincoln i. ii. iii. iv. v. o. Franklin Pierce i. ii. iii. p. Ulysses S. Grant i. West point student and fought in the Mexican War ii. Resigned from the army because he was always drunk iii. Captured Fort Donelson and Henry iv. Fought in the battle of Shiloh and Vicksburg q. John Brown i. An extreme abolitionist ii. Led a band of followers to Pottawatomie Creek and hacked 5 proslaveryites to death iii. Later he lead followers into the South to gather slaves to rebel iv. At Harpers Ferry he seized an arsenal but the slaves did not rebel
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APUSH UNIT 4 STUDY GUIDE - Aditya Makaram Period 4 12/15/08...

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