apush unit 2 - 1.

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Under Articles of Confederation Under Federal Constitution A loose league of states A firm union of people (not states!) 1 vote in Congress for each states 2 votes per state in Sen. Vote by pop in HOP 2/3 vote to approve any measures Simply Majority Vote, can be vetoed by Pres. Laws executed by committees of Congress Laws executed by powerful president No congressional power to levy taxes Extensive power in Congress to levy taxes No federal courts Federal courts, capped by a Supreme Court Unanimity of states for Amendment Amending made less difficult No authority to act directly upon individuals and no power to coerce states Ample Power to enforce laws by coercion(forcing) individuals and to some extent, states APUSH UNIT 2 STUDY GUIDE 1. Changes of the Anglican Church : Tainted by association to the British Crown  a. Anglican churched  merged into the De-Anglicized,  Protestant Episcopal  church.  b. Thomas Jefferson won  freedom of religion  with the passage of the  Virginia Statute of Religious  Freedom 2. Structure of new State Govts:  Mainly based off of old charters  a. The states had 13 different  constitutions, based on the British way of Govt  b. No unity, in currency or otherwise, between states; PROBLEM  3. Structure of govt. under the Articles vs. Constitution     :    Mainly a strengthening of states’ rights  a.  Constitution strengthened the national government   b. Still kept theory of federalism, when it reserved rights not for the govt to the states   4. Land Ordinance of 1785 : Old Northwest under sale  a. Provided that the Old Northwest, to the west of  the Ohio River and under the Great Lakes, should be sold to  help pay the Nat’l Debt .   b. Was a supremely farsighted decision       c. Land was surveyed, divided, and  duly recorded , unlike other sales   5. Northwest Ordinance of 1787:  criteria for the establishment of states  a. A judicial compromise: Two  evolutionary stages  i. In the first, the northwest area would be under the tutelage of the Fed. Gov’t   ii. Second, when a territory could boast 60,000 citizens, then it could apply for stateship.    iii. Slavery was also  banned – A groundbreaker  b. If the Congress had chained the territories into  permanent subordination , then there would have been  certainly another  Revolution  in the West.   6. Shays Rebellion:  Impoverished debtors rise  a. few creditors  lent money to  many debtors i. Many  Revolutionary War fighters  couldn’t pay of  their mortgages   b. They took up arms demanding a stop of property  takeovers.  
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c. They tried to  run the courts , to enforce their demands, led by  Daniel Shays , a former Captain   d. A state militia crushed the “Shaysites” but the memory lingered on. 
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apush unit 2 - 1.

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