Defining the Progressive Movement

Defining the Progressive Movement - Economic Issues:...

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Economic Issues: Theodore Roosevelt: 1. Northern Securities case - he didn't want trusts out of control 2. Panic of 1907 ("Roosevelt Panic") 3. Aldrich-Vreeland Act - increased money supply (banks could issue notes) Taft: 1. Payne-Aldrich Tariff - Taft had campaigned on lowering tariffs, but this tariff didn't really lower them 2. US Steel prosecution - made Roosevelt mad Wilson: 1. Underwood Tariff - lowered tariff 2. Federal Reserve Act 3. Glass-Owens Act 4. Clayton Antitrust Act – interlocking directorates, price discrimination, allowed labor unions 5. FTC established 6. LaFollete's Seamen's Act 7. Worker's Compensation Act 8. Adamson's Act - 8 hour workday for interstate railroad workers, same wage as 10 hour day 9. Keating-Ownes Act - federal child labor law 10. War Revenue Act - graduated income tax 11. Merchant Marine Act - trade between US ports must be on US boats, sold US war fleet 12. Esch-Cummings Transportation Act - sold railroads Political Issues: Theodore Roosevelt: 1. Lochner v New York - can't limit number of working hours 2. Gentlemen's Agreement with Japan - limit Japanese immigrants, but Japanese get equal education 3. Muller v Oregon - women's working hours can't be restricted, as it is discriminatory Taft: none Wilson: 1. 16th Amendment - income tax 2. 17th Amendment - direct election of senators 3. Appoints Jew to Supreme Court 4. Schenk v. US - 1st Amendment restricted during war 5. 18th Amendment - Prohibition (Volstead Act would enforce it) 6. Hammer v. Dagenhart - government can't regulate child labor 7. 19th Amendment - women suffrage Domestic Issues: Theodore Roosevelt: 1. 3 C's (conservation, consumer, corporations)
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2. Hepburn - no free passes and strengthens Interstate Commerce Commission
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Defining the Progressive Movement - Economic Issues:...

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