VIb Study Guide(2)

VIb Study Guide(2) - Open-Door Policy(goals/results Monroe...

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APUSH Test VIb Study Guide Bailey 29-33 Names: Woodrow Wilson Theodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft Richard Ballinger William McKinley William Jennings Bryan Jacob Riis Lincoln Steffers George Creel Henry George Edward Bellamy Ida Tarbell Poncho Villa Valeriano Weyler Alfred Zimmermann Dupuy DeLome Kaiser Wilhelm Henry Cabot Lodge Eugene V. Debs Court Cases and Companies: E.C. Knight Co. Reynolds Tobacco Co. U.S. Steel Northern Securities American Tobacco Co. Schenck v. U.S. Progressive Era: Election of 1912 Demo-pops The Progressive Reformers New Freedom New Nationalism Constitutional Amendments Muckrakers Robber Barons Hepburn Act Elkins Act ICC FTC Women’s suffrage The Great Migration Federal Reserve Act/Bank/Board Australian secret ballot Direct primary Initiative Referendum Recall Clayton Anti-trust Act Square Deal McKinley Tariff Wilson-Gorman Tariff Dingley Tariff Payne-Aldrich Tariff Underwood Tariff New Manifest Destiny: SP-AM War (causes/goals/results)
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Unformatted text preview: Open-Door Policy (goals/results) Monroe Doctrine (apply) Roosevelt Corollary (apply) Pan-American Conference 1889 Teller Amendment Platt Amendment USS Maine Yellow Journalism Virgin Islands Canal Zone Boxer Rebellion Big Stick Diplomacy Dollar Diplomacy Missionary Diplomacy Treaty of Paris 1899 Open-Door Notes #1&#2 Venezuela Boundary Dispute Insular Cases Foraker Act Chilean Affair Panama Canal Incident Election of 1900 Gentlemen’s Agreement Great White Fleet World War I: Sussex Pledge Home front policy Participants in WWI Schenck v. U.S. Office of Price & Wage Control Office of Public Information War Industries Board Fourteen Points Treaty of Versailles Lodge’s Reservations Central Powers Allied Powers Sub warfare Lusitania Election of 1916 Govt. takeover of the R Rds Miscellaneous: Containment Policy Interstate Highway Act Public Works Administration (PWA) AND ANYTHING ELSE I FORGOT!!!...
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VIb Study Guide(2) - Open-Door Policy(goals/results Monroe...

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