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SG44 - Name_Section Date Study Guide for Chapter 44 The...

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Name_____________________________________Section_____________________________ Date___________________ Study Guide for Chapter 44 The American People Face a New Century Part I: Reviewing the Chapter A. Checklist of Learning Objectives After mastering this chapter, you should be able to: 1. describe the changing shape of the American economy and work force, and the new challenges facing the United States in an international economy during the “information age.” 2. explain the changing roles of women since World War II and the impact of those changes on American society. 3. analyze the difficulties affecting the American family, and explain the new power of the elderly. 4. describe the impact of the newest wave of immigration from Asia and Latin America and the growing voice of minorities in American society. 5. describe the difficulties and challenges facing American cities, including poverty and drug abuse. 6. describe the changing condition of African-Americans politics and society. 7. discuss the major developments in American culture and the arts since World War II. B. Glossary To build your social science vocabulary, familiarize yourself with the following terms. 1. biosphere The earth’s entire network of living plants and organisms, conceived as an inter- connected whole. “…the fragile ecological balance of the wondrous biosphere in which humankind was delicately suspended.” 2. nuclear family A parent or parents and their immediate offspring. “The nuclear family, once prized as the foundation of society….” 3. undocumented Lacking official certification of status as a legal immigrant or resident alien. “… attempted to choke off illegal entry by penalizing employers of undocumented aliens…” 4. amnesty An official governmental act in which some general category of offenders is declared immune from punishment. “…by granting amnesty to many of those already here.” 5. affirmative action Policies of the government or other institutions designed to further access to jobs, education, and other opportunities for members of groups presumed to have experienced discrimination. “This ringing victory for the foes of affirmative-action reflected smoldering resentment….” Chapter 44 The American People Face a New Century 1
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Name_____________________________________Section_____________________________ Date___________________ PART II: CHECKING YOUR PROGRESS A. True-False Where the statement is true, mark T . Where it is false, mark F , and correct it in the space immediately below. 1. The communications and genetics revolutions created economic growth as well as new social and moral dilemmas. 2. The United States remained the world’s richest nation with the highest per capita income in the 1990’s. 3. Women were still more likely than men to interrupt career patters for family reasons. 4. The decline of the traditional nuclear family helped open better job opportunities for many single people, especially parents.
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