SG18 - Study Guide for Chapter 18 Manifest Destiny and Its...

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Study Guide for Chapter 18 Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy, 1841-1848 PART I: Reviewing the Chapter A. Checklist of Learning Objectives After mastering this chapter, you should be able to 1. explain the spirit of "Manifest Destiny" that inspired American expansionism in the 1840s. 2. indicate how American anti-British feeling led to various conflicts over debts, Maine, Canadian rebellion, Texas, and Oregon. 3. explain why the movement to annex Texas gained new momentum and why the issue aroused such controversy. 4. indicate how the issues of Oregon and Texas became central in the election of 1844 and why Polk's victory was seen as a mandate for "Manifest Destiny." 5. describe how the issues of California and the Texas boundary created conflict and war with Mexico. 6. describe how the dramatic American victory in the Mexican War led to the breathtaking territorial acquisition of the whole Southwest. 7. describe the consequences of the Mexican War, especially its effect on the slavery question. B. Glossary To build your social science vocabulary, familiarize yourself with the following terms. 1. genteel Excessively or pretentiously refined and polite.". . . the genteel pro-British Federalists had died out. ..” 2. royalty The share of the proceeds from work paid to an inventor, author, composer, and so on. “. ... they were being denied rich royalties by the absence of an American copyright law.” 3. default To fail to pay a loan or interest due. “…several states defaulted on their bonds. ..” 4. repudiate To refuse to accept responsibility for paying a bill or debt. "When. ., several states . .. repudiated [their bonds] openly, honest English citizens assailed Yankee trickery." 5. protectorate The relation of a strong nation to a weak one under its control and protection. “. .. Texas was driven to open negotiations . .. in the hope of securing the defensive shield of a protectorate." 6. colossus Anything of extraordinary size and power. "Such a republic would check the southward surge of the American colossus. .. 7. resolution In government, a formal statement of policy or judgment by a legislature, but requiring no statute. “. .. annexation by a joint resolution." 8. intrigue A plot or scheme formed by secret, underhanded means.". . . the Lone Star Republic had become a danger spot, inviting foreign intrigue that menaced the American people." 9. barter To exchange goods or services without money. "Spain . .. bartered away its claims the United States. . . 10. deadlock To completely block or stop action as a consequence of the mutual pressure of equal and opposed forces. "The Democrats, meeting later in the same city, seemed hopelessly deadlocked." 11. dark horse In politics, a candidate with little apparent support who unexpectedly wins a nomination or election. "Polk may have been a dark horse, but he was hardly an unknown or decrepit nag." 12. predecessor The person who held an office before its present occupant. "But [he felt] bound by the three offers of his predecessors to London. 13.
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SG18 - Study Guide for Chapter 18 Manifest Destiny and Its...

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