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SG38 - Name Section Date Study Guide for Chapter 38 America...

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Name Section Date Study Guide for Chapter 38 America in World War II, 1941 - 1945 PART I: Reviewing the Chapter A. Checklist of Learning Objectives After Mastering this chapter, you should be able to 1. Tell how America reacted to Pearl Harbor and prepared to wage war against both Germany and Japan. 2. Describe the domestic mobilization for war. 3. Describe the war’s effects on American society, including regional migration, race relations, and women’s roles. 4. Explain the early Japanese successes in Asia and the Pacific and the American strategy for countering them. 5. Describe the early Allied efforts against the Axis powers in North Africa and Italy. 6. Discuss FDR’s 1944 fourth-term election victory. 7. Explain the final military efforts that brought Allied victory in Europe and Asia and the significance of the atomic bomb. B. Glossary To build your social science vocabulary, familiarize yourself with the following terms. 1. concentration camp A place of confinement for prisoners or others a government considers dangerous or undesirable. “The Washington top command… forcibly herded them together in concentration camps.…” 2. bracero A Mexican farm laborer temporarily brought into the United States.. “The bracero program outlived the war by some twenty years.…” 3. U-boat A German submarine. “Not until the spring of 1943 did the Allies… have the upper hand against the U-boat.” 4. division A major military unit, consisting of three or four regiments and numbering several thousand soldiers. “More than a score of invading divisions..…” 5. beachhead The first position on a beach secured by an invading force and used to land further troops and supplies. “The Allied beachhead, at first clung to with fingertips, was gradually enlarged….” 6. underground A secret movement organized in a country to resist or overthrow the government. “With the assistance of the French ‘underground,’ Paris was liberated….” 7. acclamation The general and unanimous action of a large public body, without a vote. “He was nominated at Chicago on the first ballot by acclamation..” 8. bastion A fortified stronghold, often including earthworks or stoneworks, that guards against enemy attack. “…the 101 st Airborne Division had stood firm at the vital bastion of Bastogne.” 9. genocide The systematic extermination of killing of an entire people. “The Washington government had long been informed about Hitler’s campaign of genocide against the Jews….” 10. bazooka a metal-tubed weapon from which armor-piercing rockets are electronically fired. “The enemy was almost literally smothered by bayonets, bullets, bazookas, and bombs.” 1
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PART II: Checking your Progress A. True-False Where the statement is not true, mark T. Where it is false, mark F , and correct it in the space immediately below.
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