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Unformatted text preview: The United States since 1974 I. The New Right and the Resurgence of Conservatism response to counterculture of 1960s A. Most concerned about social issues not economics 1. Denounced homosexuality, pornography, abortion, feminism, affirmative action 2. Wanted prayer and tougher penalties on criminals 3. Milliken v. Bradley says you dont have to bus kids across lines, whites move to suburbs II. Ford and Rockefeller Ford seen as dumb, pardoning Nixon seen as buddy deal A. Tries to continue Dtente at Helsinki Accords finalized boundaries of East gave freedoms III. Jimmy Carter A. Double-digit inflation more than 10% per year oil prices from OPEC killed them 1. High lending rate 20% - dont want to be repaid with cheap money 2. Calls to improve energy conservation 3. Eventually escapes to Camp David where he meets with advisors, then chastises Americans B. Iranian Hostage Crisis hostages taken because US aided in revolution putting Shah in powerB....
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