Outline14CivilWar - The Civil War I The Union Homefront A Mobilization and Finance 1 First conscription – can buy way out Lincoln asks for more

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Unformatted text preview: The Civil War I. The Union Homefront A. Mobilization and Finance 1. First conscription – can buy way out, Lincoln asks for more troops before Congress meets 2. Increased tariffs, income tax, sold bonds, printed currency “greenbacks” 3. War profiteers – industry/manufacturing make a lot of money – some corrupt B. Suspension of Civil Liberties/Ignoring the Constitution 1. Lincoln thought better to save United States than follow Constitution A. Blockade, increased army, $2 million to 3 men for army purchases – none of this in Constitution 2. Needs to keep border states A. Suspends habeus corpus – don’t tell why arrested B. “supervised” voting – colored ballots – march past armed guards C. Newspapers/editors influenced/pressured C. Election of 1864 – Republican Party becomes Union Party for a bit 1. “bayonet vote” – some soldiers return to vote - 49 times/others vote on front 2. Sherman captures Atlanta – gives boost to cause II. Southern Homefront – President Jefferson Davis declared martial law – suspended habeus corpusII....
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