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Write_Essay - A Restatement fo the thesis B Summary of...

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A.P. HISTORY MR. OTTEN HOW TO WRITE AN A.P. ESSAY Duke University recommends the following guidelines for writing/grading an A.P. History or Government essay: Introduction A. Broad opening sentence that introduces the topic B. The time and setting of the topic C. A thesis statement D. Categories of Support E. Closing sentence Body (each paragraph) A. Good topic/transition sentence B. Transitional words or phrases between sentences C. Main idea supportive of the thesis D. Specific details supportive of the main idea Conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: A. Restatement fo the thesis B. Summary of major ideas supportive to the thesis C. Strong closing sentence D. No new ideas or solutions introduced An essay should be evaluated on how well the student states a thesis an defends it with appropriate data. In addition, students should be graded on the following stylistic considerations: 1. Grammar and punctuation 2. Use of topic/transition sentences 3. Use of transitional words and phrases 4. Diction 5. Appropriate introduction and conclusion...
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