Chapter 44 - Chapter 44 ~ The American People Face a New...

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Chapter 44 ~ The American People Face a New Century ~ 1996 < Cesar Chavez – Chavez was the leader of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee who improved working conditions for Chicano workers. IBM — IBM, International Business Machines, was part of the historic shift to a mass consumer economy after World War II, and symbolized another momentous transformation to the fast-paced “Information Age.” Microsoft — This computer company sent the U.S. down an information superhighway. The internet and computer discs allowed for more information to be available to anyone at the click of a button. OPEC — (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Through the OPEC, Middle Eastern Sheiks quadrupled the price for crude oil beginning in 1974, disrupting the balance of international trade for the U.S. This helped show the U.S. government that they could never have economic isolation. New Immigration — The New Immigrants in the 1980’s and 1990’s came from Asia, Latin America and mostly from Mexico. These new immigrants came for many of the same reasons that the old immigrants came, such as growth in population and to look for jobs. They mostly settled in the Southwest. During this time, nearly a million people came to America each year. gated communities — These were suburban housing communities with gates and guards that started to gain popularity in the latter half of this century. O.J. Simpson Trial — This case gained worldwide exposure because O.J. was a star football player and was accused of
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Chapter 44 - Chapter 44 ~ The American People Face a New...

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