week 1 philosophy paper

week 1 philosophy paper - Understanding Philosophy 1...

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Understanding Philosophy 1 Understanding Philosophy PHL 215 University of Phoenix Understanding Philosophy
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Understanding Philosophy 2 Philosophy is from the Greek words, Philein and Sophia , meaning to love and knowledge. The Greeks believed that anyone who obtained any kind of knowledge was a philosopher, (Moore, 2005). My own definition of the word Philosophy is the study of thought. I believe that in order to learn the principles underlying an individual’s thought process or conduct, there must be great philosophers to teach us more about it. Philosophers are deep thinkers, and think beyond a normal thinker. The average thinker tends to stop thinking halfway through a thought, while a philosopher thinks all the way through, coming up with solutions for the everyday life. Everyone is a philosopher at some point in their lives and may not realize it. People think every day; it’s a way of life. People may think about the price of gas going up and down, or how to change the failing economy. When a person examines the question on the failing economy, they are thinking philosophically. The problem is people eventually stop thinking in the middle of the thinking process, not coming up with
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week 1 philosophy paper - Understanding Philosophy 1...

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