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Wk 1 Ethics and Management paper - My Personal Values 1 My...

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My Personal Values 1 My Personal Values PHL 323 University of Phoenix
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My Personal Values 2 Epistemology or Metaphysics School of Thought: Materialism During the past century, a great diversity of philosophical schools of thought has been widely adopted. Epistemology is defined as, the theory or science that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of knowledge, (McKechnie, 1979). Today, the Webster’s Dictionary definition insinuates that Epistemology is the study of what humans know about the nature, methods, origins, and limits. In contrast to Epistemology, Metaphysics is defined as, the branch of philosophy which seeks to describe the nature of being and reality. In my own definition, Epistemology means knowledge and Metaphysics means being or reality. Materialism is defined as everything in the world, to include thoughts, which can be explained in terms of matter alone. There have been many great philosophers from the past who have contributed to the materialism school of thought theory. Discussed will be the theories of materialism from philosophers, Thomas Hobbes and Ludwig Andrea Feuerbach. When I think of the word Materialism , I think in a metaphysics sense, of wanting materialistic objects or physical objects, such as money, clothes, cars, and so on, because they are real. Materialism is similar to metaphysics because, materialism is the view that all that exists is matter, configured into material objects. The metaphysical view of materialism is there is only one substance or being in the universe and the substance is physical, or material, (Sahakian, 2004). Many philosophers believed that materialism was a physical existence. Mental thoughts did not exist and were not material. Thomas
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Wk 1 Ethics and Management paper - My Personal Values 1 My...

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