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Philosophy Matrix - University of Phoenix Material Fields...

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Unformatted text preview: University of Phoenix Material Fields of Philosophy Matrix FIELD DEFINITION Theory of knowledge from the branch of philosophy Branch of philosophy, dealing with, What is being? Philosophical study of moral judgment HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS The development of science. Hobbes theory of perception, matter in motion. Things or objects are “Forms” SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT Idealism KEY CONTRIBUTORS Descartes Kant Hobbes Feuerbach PRINCIPAL ISSUES The issue would be the different ways people would theorize knowledge. Hobbes needed to prove the “matter in motion” theory. Plato had to prove Socrates theory that all objects possess a “form”. This theory of knowledge, art, and religion had to be proven by Hegel. Hobbes had to prove the 3 laws of governance. some clergy became concerned about associations that would be made between these methods and Christianity's metaphysical and ethical teachings Epistemology Metaphysics Materialism Moral Philosophy Social Philosophy Political Philosophy Structuralism Materialism Socrates Plato Philosophical study of society and its institutions Focuses on the state determining justification, and organization Something composed of related parts The knowledge of law, art, and religion. Idealism Kant Hegel Laws of Governance Idealism Hobbes introduction of European cultural norms and Idealism religion Junipero Serra Page 1 of 2 PHL215r4 Deconstruction Ecofeminism To take apart Environment for social equality for women The end of Apartheid in Africa nonphysiological differences between men and women Libertarianism Libertarianism Desmond Tutu Harriet Taylor Proving that Apartheid was intrinsically evil and had to be dismantled Believed and wanted to prove that the non physiological differences between men and women were socially constructed What is one example of how the global integration of cultures has impacted contemporary philosophical thinking? Page 2 of 2 PHL215r4 ...
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Philosophy Matrix - University of Phoenix Material Fields...

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