Ethical Theories Chart

Ethical Theories Chart - define your duty in each situation...

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Ethical Theories Chart MGT 216 University of Phoenix
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University of Phoenix Material Student Name: Shannon Robinson Facilitator: Len Rann Ethical Theory Comparison of Ethical Theories Utilitarianism Ethics Deontological Ethics Virtue Ethics Definition To focus on the ultimate goal or end result. A standard of ethics one follows because it is their duty to do so. An ethic which focuses on moral character rather than the consequences. Ethical thinker associated with theory Jeremy Bentham and Stuart Mill Immanuel Kant Aristotle and Alasdair Macintyre. Decision- making process An example would be voting system in a democratic country. If you take a deontological approach to ethics, you must
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Unformatted text preview: define your duty in each situation and then perform your duty, regardless of the consequences. An example, dont use anyone as a means to an end and any virtue must be able to be made into a universal law. Workplace example Employees who enjoy receiving low marks on their performance evaluation each month should continue to be late for work each day. Everyone should follow the rules and regulations that are set in place of their employment. An appropriate level of detachment from a client can be reconciled with harmony through an appreciation of the proper goals of ones profession References: Business Ethics, Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5....
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Ethical Theories Chart - define your duty in each situation...

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