Constitution - From Declaration (1776) to Constitution...

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From Declaration (1776) to Constitution (1787-1790) ** Growing Experience with Constitutions Articles of Confederation Pre-Constitution Only a Congressional Body; very limited in its power National government (only a Congress) empowered to limited functions: o Make peace o Coin money o Appoint officers for an army o Create and control the post office o Negotiate with the Indians Each states retains independence and sovereignty One vote in Congress per state regardless of size Nine votes required to pass a measure. All 13 needed to amend the Articles Selection and payment of delegates to Congress made by respective state legislatures. Some people still tended towards a monarchy* invitations issued to various people to become ‘king’ of the United States Consequences of a Weak National Government Territorial Disputes Government had no power to solve these problems Newburg Mutiny (1783) *in the book Shay s Rebellion (1787) One of the most serious rebellions
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Constitution - From Declaration (1776) to Constitution...

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