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AEM 323 Section Problem Set 2 Covering Material from Chapter 14 Analyzing Financial Statements Refer to the financial statements of PacSun and AEOS provided in your lecture  packet, Section Problem Set 1. 1) For AEOS, complete the horizontal analysis from the last two years data.  An analysis for PacSun has been provided to you for guidance. 2) For AEOS, complete the vertical analysis from the last two years data.  An  analysis for PacSun has been provided to you for guidance. 3)
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Unformatted text preview: From the list of ratios provided, compute the ratios for the most recent reporting year for which you have available information for BOTH companies. (Note: For Return on Assets use cash paid for interest if interest expense is unavailable and assume a corporate tax rate of 35%.) 4) Compare the ratios for each company to the industry average ratios provided. 5) In “bullet point” format, note the items of interest from the analyses you prepared....
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