America for Sale - AMERICA FOR SALE Two Outcomes When...

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AMERICA FOR SALE Two Outcomes When Foreigners Buy Factories Petrs Goodman , April 7, 2008, New York Times Four years ago, a low-slung factory on the fringes of town here was stagnating and shedding workers. Then Siemens , the German industrial giant, bought the plant and folded it into a global enterprise. Today, the factory is shipping wastewater treatment equipment to Asia and the Middle East and employing twice as many workers. At its plant in Michigan, the German company Siemens has hired not only a staff but also contract workers like Gordon Stockhill. “Globalization has been good for Holland,” said David J. Spyker, once the plant manager and now vice president of a Siemens unit with operations around the world. About 60 miles to the northeast, such talk provokes contemptuous snickers. Two years have passed since a Swedish multinational shut down what had been the largest refrigerator factory in the country, a sprawling complex along the Flat River in Greenville. The company, Electrolux, sent production to Mexico, eliminating 2,700 jobs from a town of 8,000 people. “Everybody talks about Electrolux around here the way the rest of the country talks about
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America for Sale - AMERICA FOR SALE Two Outcomes When...

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