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Prayers being outsourced - Prayers Being Outsourced to...

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Prayers Being Outsourced to India George Iype | April 30, 2004 It is 6.30 a.m. in Kerala, God's Own Country. A Holy Mass at the St Joseph Catholic church in Kochi is being conducted. The language is Malayalam, but the intentions are dedicated to a departed soul in Germany. At the end of the mass, the Catholic parish that conducted it will be richer by 50 euros because it was a memorial service that a German couple had 'outsourced' for their son who died of cancer two years ago. Welcome to religious outsourcing! The protests over the emotional, controversial and now political issue of outsourcing of American and European jobs to low-wage countries like India is assuming epic proportions. But the lure of saving mega-bucks to remain competitive in a cutthroat global business arena has proved too strong for Western companies to resist. Outsourcing goes on despite the protests, the propaganda and the pain. From manufacturing to information technology services, a lot of work is being outsourced, but the trend has now spilled over on to religion. India is now home to spiritual outsourcing too. The Roman Catholic church in Kerala has been outsourcing various religious services to various parishes and churches in the state for years now. Churches and pilgrim centers in the United States and European countries are outsourcing hundreds of thousands of masses to parishes in Kerala, which has the largest number of churches in India. Last week, a Catholic parish in Kerala's Thrissur diocese conducted the morning mass for an unusual cause: to end the marriage woes of soccer star David Beckham. A Beckham fan from London paid for the mass so that the football star gets manages to come out of the media storm that has whipped up due to his 'affairs.' The Holy Mass, however, was not held in a London parish, but was 'outsourced' to a remote church at Anthikad in Thrissur diocese. Church leaders, however, maintain that this is not a new phenomenon. "We have been doing mass services for foreigners for many years now. Now it is being called: 'Outsourcing of Holy Mass'," says Thrissur archbishop Jacob Thoomkuzhy. The main reason for the outsourcing of mass intentions to Kerala is an acute shortage of priests in the West and the high costs of spiritual services in the US and Europe. "We get lots of services, like requests for Holy Mass, for thanksgiving and memorial prayers for the dead," Archbishop Thoomkuzhy says. The church hierarchy in Kerala has established a set of rules and regulations for taking up the spiritual outsourcing jobs. Mass intentions that church authorities in the West pass over are
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routed to the diocesan heads that are the bishops. The bishops then hand over the work to parishes that are relatively less busy and poor, especially in the villages. Each mass is conducted in front of a public congregation in the local language,
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Prayers being outsourced - Prayers Being Outsourced to...

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