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Topic Prewriting Assignment

Topic Prewriting Assignment - Topic Prewriting Assignment...

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Topic Prewriting Assignment Answer the following questions and post in the Written Assignment Forum by midnight. 1) Identify the topic you have selected for your proposal. Be as specific as possible at this time in identifying the exact aspect of the topic your proposal will address. (For example, if you plan to write about immigration--identify the exact problem with immigration you think your proposal will address.) 2) Why are you interested in this topic? What do you know already? What do you need to find out? 3) Do you plan to create a visual argument or a written proposal? Speculate about the compositional features or the specifics of your proposal that you think will be important to include in your argument. 4) What causes/consequences of the problem you are exploring do you think you might develop to create a sense of urgency for your topic? 5) What types of sources do you think will be most effective for creating a persuasive proposal argument on this issue?
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