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1. Biographical Essay This short essay should describe some of the major events in your life. You should discuss where you were born, your parents, brothers, sisters and other important figures who have shaped the person you have become. My name is Cesar Francisco Salinas Vela, I was born on January 3 rd , 1993, in Arequipa-Peru, I am named after both my grandfathers. I am 16 years old. My mother tells me that my birth was planned and desired and she got pregnant with medical help. I am the second of three siblings, my oldest brother’s name is Jesus, he is 18 years old and studies at Hofstra University with a scholarship, and the third is my sister Lucero, she is 12 years old, and she is in first year of high school. I consider myself a strong, healthy, young man, determined and brave who tries to be responsible for myself and the people who surround me I have dreams that sometimes I am worry I will not to be able to accomplish, but I also know that by overcoming the obstacles I find, will make me stronger. I am certain that I will never give up what I have proposed and I will persevere. My family is my base, my example and my model to follow. I thank God for having been born in a well constituted home with love and emotional maturity and for allowing me to have the opportunity to achieve my goals, and in this way not disappoint my loved ones and overall not disappoint myself. My father, his name is Juan José Salinas Paredes, I love and admire him so much, he always shows me how proud of me he feels, he is very demanding and at the same time has patience with me. I consider that in his personal and professional life, he is successful, which is for me a challenge to excell. My mother’s name is Lourdes Vela Velásquez, she is the angel I have on Earth, the one who supports me in my decisions. She is so optimistic that it is contagious, she is so stimulating that she makes me think I am the owner of the world and she is full of confidence in me. That reaffirms my certainty, how I love my mother, she is the best! In conclusion my parents make us feel they do not have a preferred child, always balancing their fondness as well as all their authority when necessary. I want to mention my grandparents, from my father’s side, Rosario and Cesar, and from my mother side Eugenia and Francisco. I admire my father’s parents because of the union they represent and irradiate to their seven children,
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Complete_biographical_essay[1] - 1. Biographical Essay This...

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