Notas - fa-fa-sol-la-la-sol-la-sol-la-mi-la-sol-fa fa-fa-la-do-do-do-re-do-re-do-re-do fa-fa-sol-la-la-sol-la-sol-la-mi-la-sol-fa(bis

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si-la-so-fa-mi-mi-sol-fa-mi-re-mi-si-la-si la-la-la-sol-do-do-mi-si-la-sol-do-do-sol-fa-mi-re-mi-re-mi si-mi-mi-mi-mi si-mi-mi-mi-mi re-sol-sol-sol-sol re-sol-sol-sol-sol mi-la-la-la-la - mi-la-la-la-la - sol-do8-do8-do8-do8 - sol-do8-do8-do8-do8 // mi8-re8-do8-si-la-la-do8-si-la-sol-la-mi-re-mi // re8-re8-re8-do8-fa-fa-la-mi8-re8-do8-fa-fa-la-do8-si-la-sol-la-sol-laaa //
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Unformatted text preview: fa-fa-sol-la-la-sol-la-sol-la-mi-la-sol-fa fa-fa-la-do-do-do-re-do-re-do-re-do fa-fa-sol-la-la-sol-la-sol-la-mi-la-sol-fa(bis) fa-fa-re-fa-fa sol-fa-re-fa-fa sol-fa-re-re-do re-do-la-do fa-fa-re-fa-fa-sol-fa-re-re-do fa-re-do-re-do-la-la-fa-mi-re...
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This note was uploaded on 08/31/2010 for the course CSE 41234 taught by Professor Mccord during the Spring '10 term at Middlebury.

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