Chapter 9 – Part 1

Chapter 9 – Part 1 - • Courts of appeals...

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Chapter 9 – Part 1 Judicial review – the authority of a court to declare legislative and executive acts unconstitutional and therefore invalid Writ of mandamus – “We command.” A court-issued writ commanding a public official to carry out a specific act or duty Court-packing plan – President Roosevelt’s attempt to remodel the federal judiciary in 1937. It’s purpose was to alleviate the overcrowding of federal court dockets by allowing the president to appoint an additional Supreme Court justice for every sitting justice over the age of 70 Constitutional courts – Supreme court, courts of appeals, and the 94 district courts District courts – the trial courts of original jurisdiction in the federal judicial system. There are 94 district courts.
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Unformatted text preview: • Courts of appeals – The second tier of courts in the federal judicial system, between the supreme and district courts. • Writ of certiorari – an order that is given by a superior court to an appellate court and that directs the lower court to send up a case the superior court has chosen to review • Rule of four – when four justices support hearing a case the certiorari petition is granted • Amicus curiae – “Friend of the court.” A brief filed in a lawsuit by an individual or group that is not party to the lawsuit but that has an interest in the outcome • Solicitor general – the official responsible for representing the US government before the Supreme Court...
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