Chemistry: The Molecular Science (with CD-ROM, General ChemistryNow, and InfoTrac)

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GAS LAWS NOTES (Chapter 6) Obi I All gases are considered to be ideal. Properties of ideal gases ares r. no mass (point mass) b. occupy no volume c. exert no attractive or repulsive forces on each other. There is no such thing as an ideal gas but most gases are close to ideal except when under very high pressure or extremely low temp. IIz, He, Nz, Oz, Ne are closest to being ideal because of their small volume and size. Obi 2 Standard temp is 0o C or 2731L Absolutezero (0K or 273'C') is the temp at which all molecular motion ceases. To convert: f( : oC + 273 or oC : f( - 273 Obi 3 Standard pressure is I atm : 760 mm of Hg : 1013 kPa (kiloPascals) To convert 36 mm to atm , O'l'l o*m To convert 83 kPa to mm 83 kPo | 1bo nr.n1 = lal nm 101.3 kPn t ^ o-', ^ -. \c r (i i\'.\ \* lY-)'. t 1r 12 / i .. .-.1 ,' '' ...j' 1bo mftl
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Ideal Gas Law Formuta: PV = nRT P = Pressure ! = Volume n = number of moles T= temperature R = a constant for which there are three values lf the pressure is in atm use
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Laws - GAS LAWS NOTES(Chapter 6 Obi I gases are considered...

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