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Sustainability In comparison to the average of the United States, my ecological footprint is smaller than expected. I have been raised to be very aware of my surroundings and the limited resources we have on Earth. Conservation of energy, water, and gas are daily habits in my household. I did not realize how much more aware of my habits until I began living in the dorms with a roommate. I was glad to see that I am below the American average, but it just shows that more care must be taken to reduce our consumption of natural resources. Of my habits, I believe my eating habits have the
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Unformatted text preview: greatest impact on my ecological footprint. I am unlikely to change my lifestyle to reduce my footprint because I am not sure what else I could reduce. I don’t drive very often, instead I walk a lot or take public transportation to get to where I need to go. The only thing I could really think of is to change my eating habits to locally grown food. However, I live in Arizona, and not much grows locally here that would sustain a complete, balanced diet. I am not sure how I could adjust enough to fit those parameters. I am willing to change if I knew how....
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